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This Is the Bank of Mum and Dad

With house prices far outpacing wage growth in the past few decades, and rises in the cost of living putting added pressure on savers, more first-time buyers are turning to the so-called ‘bank of mum and dad’ for help. Increasing numbers of younger people in...

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Can I move house on a fixed-rate mortgage?

Fixed-rate mortgages offer certainty and stability when it comes to your repayments and are particularly valuable at a time of rapidly rising interest rates. If you are thinking of moving, however, you might wonder whether it’s possible to sell your property while...

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How much equity can I release?

Using equity release, homeowners aged 55 or over can take out a loan worth between 20% and 60% of their home’s value. Releasing equity allows you to borrow against your home while continuing to live there, which can provide you with some additional income as you...

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