Flexible Life Interest Trusts

Flexible Life Interest Trusts

Property Protection Trust Wills are very useful if you are house-rich, but what if you also wanted to ensure your hard earned money passed to your children too, instead of going to any new partner of your surviving spouse or partner?

Flexible Life Interest Trust Wills are a great way of ensuring that as well the share of the house you own, but also your capital, passes to your children, whilst not only allowing your partner to continue to live in your share of the house until they die, but also being able to use the income from any capital invested.

Again this type of trust is useful in care fees mitigation for those who are concerned about losing their wealth and house to funding their long term residential care.

We can help you to assess your liability to pay inheritance tax on your death, and advise on strategies to reduce or even eliminate your exposure to inheritance tax. It’s important to appreciate that to evade paying tax is illegal, but to avoid paying tax using perfectly legal tried and trusted strategies can mean your beneficiaries, such as your spouse or partner, and perhaps more importantly your children, will inherit more of your estate instead of the Government.

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