Protection Insurance

Property is the most solid investment in the world. It can also be a fragile thing. If your circumstances change or things don’t go to plan, a protection plan and protection insurance can soften the blow.

Mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) will cover your mortgage payments if you fall ill or are made redundant from your job.  Learn more about …

Income protection advice

General income protection insurance (IPI) provides the equivalent of a salary to cover a specified period during which you are unable to work.  Need help with …

Family protection insurance

From life insurance to illness cover, ensure your loved ones can continue to enjoy a decent standard of living should the worst happen.  Find out more about …

We lost our first buyer so Richard had to provide let to buy advice before luckily another buyer coming along. Richard showed patience and shared his industry experience explaining everything very clearly and in simple terms. Richard also helped us secure the appropriate protection to enable us to stay in the property providing advice on long term sick pay and Life assurance.

Rob and Paulina Stagg

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