Income protection advice

Protection advice

Income protection insurance (IPI) provides cover if you can’t work because of injury or sickness. Unlike mortgage insurance, income protection insurance isn’t limited to covering your mortgage payments. Many people do use it for that purpose but it provides more flexibility. Income protection generally pays out until you return to work, retire or die. There are also short-term products on the market which offer a couple of years’ cover with lower premiums. IPI doesn’t cover redundancy. The cost of your policy will depend on an assessment of how risky your work might be, with office workers generally paying lower premiums than, say, those employed on oil rigs.

Navigating the market

In the current climate, finding a good value IPI policy has become harder – but not impossible. We provide valuable income protection advice and have access to a range of products that provide a good standard of protection with affordable premiums. We’ll get to know you and your circumstances and then highlight options which will balance the cost of premiums with quality of cover.

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