Family protection insurance

What you need to know

Family protection insurance (FPI) is a specific type of life insurance designed to support your family in the event of your death. The idea is to make sure that, as well as dealing with grief, they’re not also having to worry about keeping a roof over their heads, or having to change schools. Family protection insurance generally pays a lump sum or provides a regular income, depending on the terms of the policy. The cost of protection will vary depending on the amount for which you’re covered, your age, general health and the risks you face in everyday life.

Family protection insurance – Find the right product

There are multiple types of life insurance policy, all with their pros and cons. That’s why we always start by finding out more about you and your vision of what a comfortable future looks like for your family. We’ll then scour our database of current family protection insurance products to produce a tailored shortlist of the best options for you. As ever, it’s about balancing the cost of maintaining a policy with the quality and level of protection provided.

Do you need family protection?

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